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The old adage that "Kids say the cutest things" certainly rings true at Children's Therapy Corner. Our kids make us smile just as much as we like to make them smile. Here are a few memories from our Kid Quote wall that have tickled our staff:

"Aaahhhh! You broke my spleen!"

— Brent, during physical therapy.

"My mom said not to talk to strangers"

— Hadi, response to a therapist greeting her.

"I'm six now. I can buy legos!"

— Ricardo, walking into therapy.

"I don't know...a frog...a no no Grover!"

— Carson, reply to what he wanted to be when he grew up.

"Miss Christy, why do your hands feel like they have ice in them?"

— Jacob, during stretches.

"Did my mom put you up to this?"

— Alex, about working on writing skills.

"Can you come play at my house in four days? Go ask your parents."

— An invitation from Nicholas to his therapist, Anne.

"Are administrators like robots?"

— Jacob to his therapist, Adam.

"I no like red!"

— Carson, in reference to the red therapy ball.

"Do you know some people grow up and move away from each other? Well we're not going to... EVER! We're going to live in Michigan with mom forever."

— Aaron, talking about his twin, Cade.

"My favorite colors are red, blue, green, brown and pink. Not purple though. ... I'm afraid of purple."

— Leo, during an evaluation.

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