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With a little bit of material and a big imagination, our students at CTC create unique and one of a kind art pieces. 

The girls at Children's Therapy Corner can't get enough of those sweets! During arts and crafts they create lollipops out of construction paper, markers and straws.

The beautiful colors of spring flowers was achieved in this painting by Ann. 

A child at Children's Therapy Corners gets creative by using theirs hands as butterfly wings. They used multiple colors to capture the colorful wings.

Nick choose his favorite color to practice a variety of skills from painting his shapes, numbers, and writing his name. 

Hannah creates a 3-D tree filled with lots of glitter and feathers. The tree was her contribution to a larger cityscape project in which all the kids in an arts group brought individual pieces together to complete a whole scene, an exercise in spatial relationship and community.  

At Children's Therapy Corner, our artwork can be good enough to eat! Chelsea uses everything from licorice to chocolate M&Ms to complete her gingerbread masterpiece. This work was created during a social event in which all the kids worked on planning, problem solving and fine motor skills.

In creating this piece of art, kids at Children's Therapy Corner got practice in cutting out leaves and placing them in a pattern that resembled a tree in autumn. 

Katy wasn't shy to get her hands dirty when she worked on this beautiful painting. Fingerpainting is not only a sensory experience, it is very helpful for kinetic learners.

Justin and Anne stepped outside of the box and decided to paint portraits of each other. 

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