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The PLAY Autism Intervention Program is a parent-mediated intensive intervention program that helps young children with autism improve their language, development, behavior and social skills.  Parents/caregivers learn techniques and activities so they can support their child’s social-emotional growth during everyday activities.  This approach empowers parents and gives children intervention at a high intensity level.  PLAY Autism Intervention is one of several parent-mediated approaches; however, the PLAY Autism Intervention model has undergone one of the largest and most rigorous research studies of its kind.  The results of a three-year randomized controlled trial, published in the October 2014 issue of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, confirmed significant positive outcomes for children with autism and their parents who participated in the PLAY Autism Intervention program.

Children’s Therapy Corner is a licensed Project Provider™ and our certified PLAY Project Consultants are professionals who specialize in child development and the use of this developmental intervention model.  Certified PLAY Project consultants hold Master’s degrees in child development fields and are experts in PLAY Project autism intervention.  To obtain certification professionals must complete a rigorous training and supervision program and demonstrate mastery in this evidenced-based autism therapy for toddler and preschool-age children.  The principles, methods and techniques of the PLAY Project emphasize the child’s readiness as a means for improving social skills, language, behavior, development, and autism severity.  Through in-home visits every four to six weeks, CTC PLAY Project Consultants also coach parents to build a joyous, engaged relationship with their child. Learn more about this internationally recognized program at

The Purpose of PLAY Autism Intervention is to help you and your child to reach these outcomes:

  • Increased caregiver/parent and child interaction.
  • Increase social interaction of a child with autism.
  • Improve social-emotional development of children with autism.
  • Improve autism-related diagnostic category/symptoms including behavioral compliance

The Program:  Children’s Therapy Corner’s PLAY Project™ Consultants provide in-home training and support for families of children with autism spectrum disorders. The program consists of ten 3-hour home visits by a PLAY Project Consultant who models/trains families on how to provide intensive (2-3 hours a day), developmental one-on-one intervention.  Ongoing assessment occurs along with monthly reports (PLAY Plan) that offer feedback regarding the principles, techniques and methods of PLAY Autism Intervention.   

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The PLAY Project™ recently completed a three‐year multi‐site randomized controlled trial which showed improvements in both parent‐child interaction and autism symptomatology.  This large-scale study focused on the impact of our autism intervention, a parent-mediated play and relationship-focused program. Reports showed:

Significant improvements in:

  • Caregiver/parent and child interaction
  • Social interaction of children with autism
  • Social-emotional development of children with autism
  • Autism symptomatology


Secondary outcomes:

  • Improved parent stress and depression
  • PLAY Project consultant fidelity.  In other words, they were true to the PLAY Project model and delivered it as trained.


Learn more about the PLAY Project™, its founder Richard Solomon, MD, and this Research and Evidence at:


At Children’s Therapy Corner one year of PLAY Autism Intervention includes:

  • A Family Intake meeting and the Initial Home Visit, (Orientation to the Program, completion of initial assessments) and then regularly scheduled monthly Home Visits for modeling/coaching and programming.
  • Ten, 3-hour Home Visits from a certified PLAY Project Consultant.
  • Modeling and coaching services to help improve the interaction between the parent and child along with videotape technology for training and showing progress over time.
  • Direct play between the PLAY Project Consultant and the child.
  • Monthly Individualized PLAY Plan
  • Children’s Therapy Corner may also provide a modified program as determined by the staff and your PLAY Project Consultant.

To set the Play Autism Intervention program

  • Step One: Establish a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) for your child. It is recommended that this evaluation be completed by a medical professional knowledgeable in diagnosis of ASD, a psychologist or a recognized Center of Excellence in Michigan. 
  • Step Two: Contact Children’s Therapy Corner and we will schedule a no-charge consultation for you and your family to visit our nearest location and share with us the concerns and needs that you have for your child. Contract review and program specifics will also be shared at this meeting.
  • Step Three: Complete a services agreement with Children’s Therapy Corner and schedule your first visit. 
  • Step Four:  We are ready to start working in your home with you and your child.

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