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Feeding Difficulties

Children's Therapy Corner specializes in the therapeutic needs of children. Families may have concerns related to their child's feeding skills. Evaluations conducted by our team of therapists will investigate the child's postural, sensory, motor and/or oral difficulties. Recommendations for an individualized therapy program are determined and discussed with the family. We may also make referrals to other agencies or specialists, including but not limited to a medical facility for clinical swallow studies, a pediatric nutritionist or other specialists.

feedANNEJAKETwo or more of the following concerns can reflect that a child is experiencing feeding difficulties:

• Ongoing poor weight gain (rate re: percentiles falling) or weight loss

• Aversion or avoidance of all foods in specific texture or food group

• Ongoing choking, gagging or coughing during meals

• Ongoing problems with vomiting

• More than one incident of nasal reflux

• History of an acute choking incident with continued anxiety related to feeding

• Food range of less than 20 foods, particularly if foods are being dropped over time and new foods are not replacing those lost

• Family expresses that meals are a challenge (fighting about food during most meals)

• Parent repeatedly reports that the child is difficult for everyone to feed

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