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Facing Challenges Together

The Journey Begins

Children’s Therapy Corner provides therapeutic intervention for children. CTC was founded on the belief that there should be a place where families can come and learn what their child needs, therapeutically, in a supportive team atmosphere. We will work with you to provide direction and support for your family and your child, so they may live life to their fullest capacity.

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Call Us

We will take down some basic information about you and your child, and find out a little bit of what your needs are. If you are comfortable sharing your insurance information with us during this initial call, we will work diligently to investigate the therapeutic coverage included in your medical insurance plan. We will encourage you to schedule a no-charge, 45-minute consultation meeting with our team. The purpose of this consultation is two-fold: We need to find out about your child's needs and any previous intervention, and we want you to find out about us and what services we can offer.

Step 2: No-Charge Consultation

At this meeting, we will come together to determine the best path for your child's needs. If we are not a part of this path, we may be able to recommend other service providers that would be a better fit for your family. If it is decided that CTC can meet the therapeutic needs of your child — if we all decide we have a good "fit" — let's get started. During this time, our administrative staff will work behind the scenes with your child's primary care physician to secure a prescription for evaluation and treatment. The administration team will also take a good look at your insurance coverage to help determine what, if any, your out-of-pocket costs will be. We are diligent about full disclosure regarding the cost of therapeutic treatment; no one likes financial surprises.

Step 3: Treatment

In most cases, once all the pieces are in place, your child will move forward to evaluation. During the evaluation, a therapist or team of therapists (depending on the child's needs) will assess your child and recommend a treatment plan of action. Treatment plans vary in duration and frequency. Throughout your child's course of treatment, our clinical and administrative teams will work hand in hand to assure that your child's therapeutic needs are met while providing support for your family's budgetary and scheduling needs. With an entire team in place to assist your child and family, please know that communication is a key component to success. If there are changes with your insurance coverage or family schedule, we ask that you notify us immediately.

Journey for Success

  • Looking for Directions +

    Where to Start We envision intervention as a journey to maneuver through the challenges that lie ahead. Actually: A Journey for Success. We all have challenges, whether those are specifically labeled or not. And we all need to have ways to face these obstacles. As families take the initial steps through the dark maze of rehabilitation, so many new words and ideas are being tossed their way as they are still trying to "absorb'" the knowledge that their child may have challenges that other children do not face. Families usually need someone in the first stages to help determine their child's needs, but also – and just as important – their strengths. Read More
  • Your Travel Guides +

    What are parents seeking? Families enter our doors seeking advice, knowledge and help. Initially, families are often confused and uncertain where to turn. This is a journey, and families need someone to guide them. Yet the ultimate goal is to empower families to truly understand their child's needs and to be able to advocate for their child in all situations. The first desire is for someone to listen. Families want someone to hear their concerns, fears and needs. But we must also listen to hear their hopes and dreams for their child. Families want to understand what is happening, but we also need to be perceptive that this is a journey that we are beginning together. In any situation, you have to systematically provide the ideas and steps as the family is ready to absorb. That requires dialogue, a trusting relationship between family and professionals within a supportive atmosphere. The Read More
  • Establishing a Destination +

    How do parents know if there is a need? The day our children come into our lives is a most blessed event. As the days and years go by, we can only wish that there had been a guidebook delivered with our child. Questions arise. Friends, extended family, the Internet and even complete strangers are eager to provide advice from behavioral management to how to get your picky eater to finish dinner. But I have met many families who enter our doors with a nagging question or uncertain feeling. Believe in your "instinctual gut." Often parents/caregivers are the first to be aware that something just doesn't seem right. You don't want to be too concerned too quickly, but also don't allow others to gloss over your concerns. Too many times, I have heard professionals say, "Don't worry, they will outgrow it." In some cases, that may be true. But often, Read More
  • Mapping Your Child's Journey +

    There is a need, so now what? If there is a challenge, find someone who will listen to your thoughts. Be certain to ask questions as many times as you need for clarification. Don't let professionals use jargon that only they can interpret. Make certain all communication is family/parent friendly. This is YOUR child. You need to work with people who value your thoughts and opinions as individuals and as parents/guardians. Remember that if there is a need, that first and foremost, this is a child. Secondly, that the challenge is something affecting your child. So your child is not for example, an autistic child. Rather, your child has autism. The distinction is crucial and allows you to always hold dreams, remove the glass ceilings and never forget to see the daily miracles of life. Your child is more than a subset of skills and behaviors. Don't lose sight of Read More
  • Learning Their Language +

    Be active, involved and expect communication and sharing. Don't accept professionals talking "at" you. Instead, expect communication "with" one another. There is never a stupid question, a useless question or too many questions. This is your child, and everyone works for you. If you don't understand what is happening, then how can you be effective at home and reinforce the learning in a natural, everyday way? Make people describe what they are doing and why. Expect that they will assist you to learn the strategies/activities. You should share how things are at home and how strategies are improving the home and academic environments. If these ideas don't work in the real world, then ask, "How functional is therapy?" At Children's Therapy Corner, we have eight Shared Values that act as a directional compass for how we interact with each other and families. One Shared Value is to mentor unselfishly. This Read More
  • On Their Way +

    The End of the Journey Together: On Their Way The journey may be short in duration, or aspects may last a lifetime. The need is to know the steps and that you are not in this alone. We at Children's Therapy Corner have to "see" things differently, to take risks, to believe when all others question and doubt. Families can encourage us to go beyond, to search for new and different answers, new methods to help children. It is in partnership that we gain so much more TOGETHER. We need to help families FOCUS on a dream, PLAN the route (with detours expected) and REACH a destiny together with support and awareness of the community in which they live. Any Dream may be challenging, but with a vision and determination based on a great cause: Oh the Places We'll Go! Read More
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CTC Shared Values

  • Treat Others with Uncompromising Truth
  • Lavish Trust on Your Associates
  • Mentor Unselfishly
  • Be Receptive to New Ideas, Regardless of Their Origin
  • Take Personal Risks for the Organization
  • Give Credit Where It’s Due
  • Do Not Touch Dishonest Dollars
  • Put the Interests of Others Before Your Own

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Director's Corner

JanetPortraitTo ‘see’ things differently.
To take risks.
To believe when all others question and doubt.
To dream and expect the unexpected.
Do you all realize that you are heroes?

One of the greatest benefits of being at Children’s Therapy Corner is being part of your lives and having the opportunity to talk to you, the families. You encourage us to go beyond, to search for new and different answers, new methods to help your children. To think out of the box!

As therapists, we may be the ones who spent some specialized time in universities to help your children, but you are the professionals who live the daily life and know what we can only assume. It is in partnership that we gain so much more TOGETHER.

We anticipate that this partnership will enhance your child’s development. To FOCUS on a dream, PLAN the route (with detours expected), and REACH a destiny together with support and awareness of the community in which you live. It may be a challenging dream, but with a vision and determination based on a great cause: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

— by Janet Ringle-Bartels,
 CTC Owner/Executive Director