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Our "Homes"

Traverse City BuildingChildren's Therapy Corner has locations in Midland, Traverse City and Okemos (the Lansing area). The facilities we built in Midland (above) and Traverse City (right) are exclusively for pediatric therapy and combine state-of-the-art design with the comforts of home.

Our Okemos location (below right) is equipped with highly adaptive spaces to meet the direct needs of your children and will enjoy a custom built facility within the next 2-3 years. But wherever you go; you will find that all three locations for Children’s Therapy Corner are built for children and children only.Lansing Building

Your child and their needs are what we are all about and we make certain our buildings reflect that commitment to their therapy needs.




Welcome Home

Most of our design and decorating decisions were made for therapeutic reasons, but you probably won't notice that. Here are a few things you will notice:


Our homelike atmosphere in each location is conducive to learning and growing while having fun. Smaller rooms facilitate therapy for those children requiring quiet, highly structured environments with limited stimuli. Larger rooms are adapted for gross motor and sensory integration techniques (swings, balls, slides, mats, tricycles and scooters). The waiting areas in all facilities are designed for children and look like a home, so families walk into a comfortable — not clinical — environment. These cozy settings are perfect for families to interact, which can form a great basis for a support network.


The Grounds


Throughout the buildings, lots of windows bring in warm sunshine. The paint colors on walls and our lighting (no fluorescent) were chosen with the specific goal of making kids who are easily overwhelmed comfortable. Sidewalks around the buildings invite walking, biking or your little artist's chalk creations. Midland’s basketball hoop also provides a great way to burn off extra energy.

While we encourage parents to be involved and engaged during therapy sessions, we also recognize that sometimes, you just need to relax. Outdoor benches and tables provide for quiet moments alone.

Our 'Mess' Rooms


The facilities have kitchen areas that provide space for families to grab a glass of water or cup of coffee while waiting or participating in therapy sessions. The kitchens are also used to encourage skills such as following directions and fine motor skills for making a snack or baking. They are also areas with more traffic for the child to work on attention to tasks with distractions. In addition to our kitchen set-ups, Midland’s tactile/craft room provides a space to be a little messier with a sink for cleanup and all the touchy-feely supplies such as foam, glue and paint.

Sensory Gyms

The Sensory Gym at Children's Therapy Corner in Midland

Our sensory gyms (sometimes referred to as the jungle gyms) are used by children during all types of therapy. The equipment in these gyms can be used to help children "wake up" or calm down. A variety of sensory techniques are used here with each child based on individualized needs. Jumping, climbing and swinging might look like fun — and they are — but every activity here has a therapeutic purpose.

jumpThese sensory gyms have climbing platforms with slides to provide larger movements and pillow pits in which kids can jump. The rooms also have multiple hooks for swings to provide movement input to the children through use with a variety of swings. You will see children pushing scooter boards, swinging in a stretchy swing, or jumping into the pillows to improve their sensory processing skills and strengthen their muscles. The children think this is just a big indoor playground (no work completed here), and we like to keep them thinking that way.

Following treatment in these gyms, the goal is for each child's nervous system to be at a "ready" state, and for the child to be able to concentrate on functional daily activities such as handwriting, reading, dressing and smoothly transitioning from one activity to another. Sometimes, the hardest part is transitioning OUT of this room.

Big Gyms


The big gyms allow for larger gross motor activities including running, jumping, throwing and kicking a ball. You will see the incorporation of therapeutic equipment such as stability balls of varying sizes and partial weight-bearing treadmill training with functional play such as soccer and basketball. The big gyms promote child interaction in a natural and functional manner while encouraging the achievement of therapy goals and objectives. This space can be used by all therapists — occupational, physical, speech-language and music.

Our Homes are places where children feel safe and loved enough to explore beyond their comfort zones to learn and grow, a place where families discover possibilities and feel supported. All of our homes are set up with your children in mind. Welcome to Our Corner.




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